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Monday, May 11, 2020

How can we understand the role of doctors as an evolutionary product? How the study of crocodile skin can illuminate our understanding of the function of Ponzi schemes.

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- Enabling SIGINT operations through information assurance
- Exchange of finished intelligence
- Maintaining business continuity

Header of an NSA SIDToday newsletter

For a more efficient cooperation among the Five Eyes partners, the following systems were created, most of them initiated by JESI in 2002-2003, as described in the SIDtoday newsletter from August 25, 2003:

Information sharing: IWS

A collaboration tool called InfoWorkSpace (IWS)  abase to enhance the joint ability to identify targets".

So MAINWAY is not only fed with the domestic US telephone records and the foreign telephone and internet metadata collected by NSA, but also with foreign metadata provided by GCHQ, CSE, DSD and GCSB.

According to the quid pro quo rule for intelligence cooperation, all Five Eyes partners can apparently also query the MAINWAY dataBesides direct access to the metadata contained in MAINWAY, analysts from the Five Eyes partners can also use the GLOBALREACH system. In documents that were published earlier, this system is described as a "federated query service via accounts and access verified by PKI certificates" which probably runs on NSANet.
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