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Monday, April 13, 2020


Welcome to the new code.
I hope it will work as intended without issues.
Please report any issues you encounter in /qa/ or the "New Code" thread on /mlpol/.
Policy and Rules
Rules for Users

The rules of Polestria were laid out by our forefathers in the long,long ago, in the before time. They are simple:

    3. Ponies allowed, NO EXCEPTIONS.
        Equestrians faced a lot of discrimination in the land of before, when /pol/ met them they reacted with fear, loathing, and disgust, before realizing they were truly our greatest ally
        As such, it was agreed that as long as we from /pol/ can discuss our politics without >muh racism, those from /mlp/ may post pony porn to their hearts content
    4. No shill threads.
        For those not in the know, shills are people who pretend to be disinterested 3rd parties in order to convince onlookers to try a salesman's product
        Shills from 4chan would routinely try to use any doubts we had to get their foot in the door and argue their way between us, turning us against one another
        For this the rule prohibits any posts that attempt to divide the community by preying on doubt, all posts must be appeals to reason, not appeals to emotion or other logical fallacies like that
    5. No race-mixing.
        "blacked", "how can white men even compete", etc, threads ruined many parts of /pol/ turning large portions of the board into a wasteland of distracting rageposts while the mods did nothing
        As such posts that do nothing but attempt to elicit rage based on white race hatred are a bannable offense, thus sayeth the community
    6. No cuckoldery.
        This goes back to the same issues had with the race-mixing, cuckoldery threads are designed purely to distract otherwise bright intelligent young men from proper discussion, the result is once ago a board filled with low-quality threads distracting good posters from decent content
        as such no thread shall be deemed acceptable if it promotes giving up and allowing others to take your wife, land, rights, or nation.
    7. No "BTFO" threads.
        Low quality information presented as a final blow argument, or anything that presents a single piece of flimsy evidence as the proof that unravels someone else's entire world view
        "X BTFO" as an OP is a bannable offense as such, both because it's meaningless distraction and because it provides no argument for the views of the OP, merely used to distract from real discussion
    8. No e-celeb threads.
        E-celebs are widely responsible for making non-marxist views more mainstream however near and right after election time pointed the carrot down the path back to left-right false dichotomy
        "Jews are our greatest ally", "Israel is the only democracy in the middle east", "Syria used chemical weapons on their own people, we should attack them without further investigation"
        by following these people people form opinions that conform to the perceived group, ignoring rationality in different to a perceived appeal to authority. no e-celeb worship is allowed
        Please note: threads about topics discussed by e-celebs in well cited videos are permissible, but only about the topic itself, not the celeb
    9. "HAPPENINGS" allowed, but not "GENERALS"
        "HAPPENINGS" are the first responder threads to world events, and are required to have basic information; who, what, when, where, how, why, and a citation or link to an article or direct video of the event itself
        "GENERALS" are circlejerks that stew like-minded opinions without room for dissension, recall that originally Trump threads were an interesting place to get up-to date on the election and eventually became 30 awoo posts, 10 copy-pasted link posts, 20 posts about memeing energy, and and 200+ posts talking about dubs with little actual discussion talking
        To prevent the kind of closed-minded thinking that was basically meme petri dishes "GENERALS" are forbidden, first post is edited to a happening, second is deleted with a warning, third is bannable
    11. Check the catalog first.
        Please check the catalog before posting. Having 30 threads up for the same topic is silly, and is a waste of catalog space.
    12. Lolicon / Shotacon Pornography is not allowed.
        Due to the TOS of the hosts of the server, this content is not allowed. Sorry.
    13. All users must be over the age of 18 to view mlpol.net
        Underage posters found to be using mlpol.net will be banned

All posts and content are the responsibility of the poster, mlpol.net does not take responsibility for anything posted here
Staff Rules

We the staff of mlpol do not ever want to become anything like those of certain other websites, therefore the following rules were laid out by the site owner, Atlas

    No staff member shall use the information he obtains in his position on staff for personal gain, lulz, or to harass/humiliate a user or other staff members
        The information of the users is sacred and shall not be used outside of needs by administration, we don't even have access to IP addresses from the users, we keep no logs, not even error logs, outside of what the website provides us directly.
        Using information for any purpose, including selling to others, data mining for malicious purposes, or for any reason are grounds for immediate removal from staff position, permanent banning from the site, and if the offense is serious enough, main staff will cooperate with law enforcement
    Staff will maintain a level of transparency with the community
        /mlpol/ is a community of like-minded individuals, we are not barbarians hyped up on ape testosterone
        We are driven by a need to maintain this website, not by a need to steal your info and sell it to the highest bidder
        If a thread is posted on /qa/ it is to be addressed within two days at most, even if the reply is negative or a simple "I don't know"
        Staff found to deliberately delete threads or posts to avoid discussing important topics about the site can face punitive measures up to and including dismissal
    Staff will take all community suggestions into account
        As this is a community site and not a top-down dictatorship like some other sites user input is very important
        Staff found to be deliberately removing community suggestions to avoid changes on the site or push their own agenda will be subject to punitive measures up to and including dismissal
    Staff will never bow to foreign influence
        The community of this website are the masters here, and no amount of money, threats, DDOS, hack attacks, or other methods of coercion will every change that
        Any staff found to be under foreign influence, including Atlas himself, shall be removed from staff and banned from the website, as this page constitutes a legal contract Atlas would have to give up control of the site and ownership of the domain to the next staff member in line if he broke this rule, currently this is Pupperwoff


This is just some information that is often requested by users worried about what the site is and who runs it

    How are IP addresses stored on mlpol.net?
        IP addresses are hashed using BCrypt.
    What data are you keeping? even if you're ok, what about a hacker getting on the server?
        Hashed IP address using BCrypt
        Country of poster
        The post itself
    What staff has administrative access to the server, and why?
        Atlas: super sexy owner of mlpol.net former /pol/lack, access because yes
        fallenPineapple: Genius code merchant and former /mlp/, has access to make all the beauty happen
        PupperWoff: Lead Developer & SysOp







All trademarks, copyrights, comments, and images on this page are owned by and are the responsibility of the poster and their respective parties.

ASPNetChan Copyright © 2019
Pupper Woff (an alias)

This is the creation and work of a single individual
The creator hopes his work will stand the test of time and the trials of fire it will go through
Be kind to it and I hope it will bring you joy

It has been fun writing it - Pupper

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