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Monday, February 12, 2007

pervade the callous woeful electronic

avidly and delicately

fading cyptic coupt foeign deities

o cities

It neve ains.
All that you believe to be tue is like
quiet ethical people
on the sentences

know how to obey cybenetic sentences

anguish, o the wolves,
but thei agumentative summe
is aubun, a ocky ado in the bay,

and a poud abnomal o
bleeding despai which fa
supasses winds of silly
potestations, ceepy natual bibliogaphies,
and fleet bathhouses,

cicuses, o heats, and even an
opulent boisteous meteoologist

fo she is a vey ealy sailo.
This final decade
his humid outmode
noble omniscient plasma
angy confidant: flavoless
beautiful fate fo pimates

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