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Friday, December 08, 2006

Three Poems

1. The laws of logic don’t apply to you, yours is

a peasant mind. I gaze into your wandering eye

and see, through smoke, a love that’s blind.

May you and I forever share our effervescent love affair.

2. Fidelity’s a standard I endorse, I need security.

My miserable wife is horny constantly, I keep a vigilant eye

on her activities, I monitor her life.

She slept with Bob, our gardener, I am frantic.

I know the whore’s at fault, it’s in her eye.

When I come home from work her juicy pussy had the stench of sex.

How cruel of Bob, he’s gay.

3. Thoughts of rebellion don't intrigue us,

There are no reasons left to disagree.

I'll smoke a crack pipe with my niggas*,

Drink lots of beer and watch TV.

I doubt there's such a thing as self-determination.

*and poor urban whites

Dmitry Myaskovsky, 1999


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